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CBC Coconut Mix

CBC Coconut Mix is a scientific natural formulation for coconuts offering macro and micro nutrients, pest control, life span lengthening and immuno fortification.

CBC Coconut mix not only provides balanced nutrition for the tree but also fortifies the plant immuno system to prevent diseases like “Chennerolippu”, leaf decay, yellowing and falling of tender nuts. Within 3 months of use of Coconut Mix there is conclusive evidence of total relief from yellowing.

It contains natural pesticide “Azadiractin” which offers excellent pest control. It improves soil’s air circulation helping roots to grow and improves Nitrogen absorption.


  • 3 months to 1 year – per ½ kg to 1kg
  • 2 years to 4 years – per 2kg to 4kg
  • From 5 years – per 5kg to 8kg
  • Diseased Items – per 8kg to 10 kg


30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary
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