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CBC Brand Organic Manure combines nature’s most potent manures like ground nut-cake, castor cake, mustard cake with nature’s most powerful pesticide neem. CBC Brand Organic Manure is fortified with Bone meal and Leather meal. Neem is rich in powerful bio-pesticides, Nibidin and Azadiractin, which prevent plant diseases and plant pests.

CBC Brand Organic Manures Separately Prepared for all Crops

  • CBC Brand Organic Manures resist crop diseases and pests and thus enhance crop immunity power.
  • The use of concentrated Organic Manures in the form of raw materials in CBC Brand Organic Manures ensure prolonged productivity and reproducibility.
  • Preparation of CBC Brand Organic Manures in powdered form makes easy absorption of manures by the crops.
  • CBC Brand Organic Manures are manufactured by the modern technology of aeroboosters.


  • As the ingredients are purely Organic, CBC ensures soil fertility by improving soil structure.
  • Increases water absorption capacity.
  • Accelerates activity of micro-organisms.
  • Promotes healthy growth of plants; gives dark green colour to leaves.
  • CBC gives strength and energy to roots for absorbing water and manure.
  • Mixes easily with soil since it is in powder form.

30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary
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South Indian Fertilisers
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