Pushty, unlike other CBC brand organic fertilizers, is a unique combination of cakes ofneem, castor, mustard etc. that is packed inthe cake form. It’s a very effective organicmix which can be used to fertilize any crop.Pushty can also beused as an organic slurry by mixing and fermenting the mixture of 20kg Pushty in 100litre water and 20kg cowdung for 6 days. This slurry should be mixed with 10times more water just before fertilizing the crops.

Form: Solid cakes, Packing: 50kg, 5kg


Groundnut cake, Mustard cake, Castor cake, Neem cake, Marotti cake, Bone meal, Organic potash.


Crop Age Quantity
Coconut 2 years
2-5 years
Above 5 years
2 kg
3 kg
5 kg
Plantain 2 kg
Vegetables 100g per plant
Nutmeg 2 kg – 5 kg
Rubber 500gm – 1.5 kg
Cardamom 300kg per acre
Pepper Small seedling
After fruit bearing starts
250gm – 500gm
500gm – 1 kg
Arecanut 500gm – 2 kg
Ginger 250kg per acre
Coffee 300kg per acre
Paddy 100kg per acre


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